Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Where to stay in Namisharanya

Although you can visit Namisharanya Tirth in a day, you may like to stay at this holy place for more days : Following places may be a place of your stay. You may even prefer to stay in nearby Sitapur and come in the moring to Namisharanya.

1. Modi Guest House
2. Tourist Avas Grih, Namisharanya :  Phone: 05865-251287
1. Chaudhary Paragilal Dharamshala
2. Shri Sanadhya Dharamshala
3. Nepali Dharamashala
4. Vishwakarma Dharmashala,
5. Rastogi Dharmshala

6. Murar ka Bara Dharmashala, Uttar Ward, Lalita Devi -Chakratirth Marg
7. Shri Arka Suryavanshiya Khatriya Dharmashala
8. Visharam Sadan, Barabanki Dharmashala
9. Balmukund Ashram Dharmashala, Dakishin Ward, Near Ramanuj Temple
10. Marvari Panchayati Dharmashala

More stay places can be seen in readers' views.

Ditances :Hardoi:  34 Kms.
Sidhauli : 47 Kms
Lucknow: 90 Kms.
Gola Gokaran Nath : 110 Kms.
Dudhawa National Park :  170 Km.
Kanpur: 175 Km.
Bidhur:  197 Km.
Ayodhya: 235 Km.

Police Help:  05865-251219
Post Office : 05865- 251201

It was heard from some local people that a Mulla Bhiri Baba Mandir, situated in a nearby village - Mulla Bhiri"   is also  famous for fulfilling wishes of people. It is said that whosoever visits this place with faith, he/she never returns with empty handed.

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