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Naimisharanya Neemsaar Nimsaar Tirth

Naimisharanya (Neemsaar), a small town in Sitapur district, around 90 km from Lucknow, is one of the most sacred places of pilgrimage in Uttar Pradesh, India. 

It is near  the Lucknow city, at Lucknow-Delhi National High way No. 24 (as seen in Map below).The "Satyanarayan Vrat Katha" as given in Skand Puran, (a routine religious Hindu tradition) was first recited at Neemsaar Tirth. 

It is said that the most sacred books of Hindus "Purans" were written by Mahirshi Vyas at this holy place. There is a mention of this place in the beginning of Holy Satyanarayan Katha  :  "एकदा नैमिशारंये  ऋषयः शौनकादयः "   

It is  said that once Shaunak Rishi approached Brahma Ji to quench the thrust for knowledge. Brahmja ji provided him a Chakra with the instructions to keep it moving until it stops.  Wherever it stops, make it a place of your stay and meditate there for Gyan.  Shaunak Rishi was also accompanied by other Rishis.  Finally the Chakra stopped at Naimishranya near Gomti Giver.  During ancient time, around 88000 saints and Rishis used to meditate at this placed.  In Balmiki Ramayan, this place is quoted as Naimisha and it is said that that once Shri Ram completed Ashwamegha Yagya at this place wherein Mahirshi Balmiki, Lav and Kush also joined.   During Mahabharat, this place was visited by Yudhistir and Arujun.  There is also description of this place in Aine Akbari (16th century).

It is said that Balram, brother of Shri Krishna also visited here and  performed a Yagya. As there was greenery,dense forest and peace, this place has been a most preferred places for religious saints to meditate, study and procure knowledge.

A description of Naimisharanya is also found in Kurmapuran wherein it is written:  इदं त्रैलोक्य विखायातं तीर्थ नामिश्मुत्तम्म
महादेव प्रियाकरण महापताकनाशनम

It is also said that Piligrimage of Badrinath and Kedarnath is completed only after visit to Naimisharanya.

In the Shri Ramcharitmanas, Goswami Tulsidas expressed importance of Naimisharanya and said :तीरथ वर नैमिष विख्याता, अति पुनीत साधक सिधी दाता 

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